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Hello, thanks for reading. This page tells you a little bit about me.

My name is Michael Leyden, and I teach Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics at St Mellitus College -- an Anglican theological college in the UK. I'm also the Vicar of a parish in Chester Diocese, UK. I am a member of The Grove Ethics Group and the recently established Grove Doctrine Group. Reading, thinking, and writing is a key part of my vocation as a priest-theologian but I also enjoy talking with people over a drink. Probably most of my personal and spiritual formation happens through books and conversation. I love teaching, especially helping to inform and shape ministers and leaders for the Church.

My area of academic interest is, broadly, dogmatic theology, in particular the interface of doctrine, liturgy, and ethics. I wrote a PhD on human responsibility in Karl Barth's moral theology, through which I was able to think about human action, its theological rationale, and what it means to be an ethical agent. The thesis was supervised by Professor David Clough and examined by Professor Elaine Graham and the late Professor John Webster.

I use this space sporadically to try out some thoughts and dialogue with books I'm reading, and to think through this peculiar vocation as theologian and parish priest. The blog-name comes from the German for 'theological reflection' but it has other nuances: taken more literally nachdenken means 'thinking after', in this case 'thinking after God'. I like it because it captures something of my understanding of Christian discipleship.

If you really want to, you can find out more about me, including information about publications and conference papers, here

Thanks for reading. Michael

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