Welcome to my blog!  I've been toying with blogging for a little while now and have finally, with a little bit of encouragement from my friend Jenny, gotten round to it. I currently divide my time between reading, thinking, and writing a PhD (on Karl Barth's account of human responsibility, since you ask :-)) and my position as a trainee Anglican priest in Nottingham, UK. I'm interested  in issues in theology and ethics, as well as church and culture, and decided I would blog some thoughts and see how the conversation goes.

The name comes from the German for 'theological reflection' but I used it here because I particularly like the theological nuance of 'Nachdenken' which (as Barth points out) literally means 'thinking after', in this case 'thinking after God' - something that all theological reflection must do if it's to bear witness to the priority of God's grace. Anyway, this is all a bit of an experiement for me, so, welcome...and let the conversation begin...


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